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Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

2024 Cycling Tour Availability


② Due to the end of service of the Gosho South Cycle Terminal located at RAKURO KYOTO by THE SHARE HOTELS, we are currently unable to accept new reservations for the Kyoto Silver Tour and the Riverside Tour. Any any existing reservations for the above tours will go ahead as usual.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we hope that you will be able to join us on one of our other tours.


2022/10/01~ Revision of fees

The Kyoto Cycling Tour Project provides you with historical and cultural experience
plus a new discovery out of more than 1200 years
of the history, incomparable to other sightseeing methods in Kyoto!

What's NewUpdates from the Kyoto Cycling Tour Project.

Kyoto Cycling ToursAll our tours are guided by Kyoto experts. Let us show you the city we love!

  • Our Bicycles Bicycles used on our cycling tours

    We have standard high-class city bikes that are popular for bike rentals, and we also offer electric-assist bicycles, mountain bikes, and mini-velos.

  • Bookings Reservations can be made via the website up to two days in advance.

    Book a cycling tour guided by the experts at Kyoto Cycling Tour Project. From the big sights to the back streets, we have a tour to suit you.

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project

Why choose Kyoto Cycling Tour Project?

We want to show visitors the best of Japan,
the best of Kyoto, and the charm of experiencing the world by bicycle.
This dream led us to start Kyoto's first guided cycling tours in 2001.

About our tour guides

Our guides have all completed our original training program designed for cycling tours.
As well as English-speaking guides, we can offer tours in French and Spanish.