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To visitors to Kyoto this winter


To all visitors coming to Japan this winter,

Following the post-pandemic opening up of Japan, we were able to welcome many visitors and tourists on our cycling tours from all around the globe this summer.
Heading into the winter season there will no doubt be many tourists and skiers visiting Hokkaido and the North to enjoy the slopes and the amazing seafood (try the hairy crab!).

For those that will also be coming further south to the Kansai region, we highly recommend visiting the ancient capital of Kyoto. With more than 1300 years’ worth of history hidden around every corner, there is nowhere else in Japan where you can be immersed in the cultural traditions of Japan quite like Kyoto.
The best way to get around town is by bicycle, when you can cycle along the quiet alleys that criss-cross this historic city and avoid the congestion of public transport.
We especially recommend joining us on one of our private cycling tours when you can forget about Google Maps and let your experienced guide show you around the magnificent temples and quaint Geisha district.
Our cycling tours are a great way to start off your visit in Kyoto so that you can get your bearings in around the city.
If you are worried about cycling in the cold during the winter, be rest assured that our guides will do their utmost to keep you warm during your tour so that you can focus on the experience rather than the weather.

Should you wish to make a reservation for one of our cycling tours, please click here and fill in the booking form. If you have any questions, click here and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

We look forward to your visit to Kyoto and Japan,
and we hope to welcome you at our store this winter.

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project Team

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