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Cycling along Kamogawa (Kamo River)
Kyoto Kamo River 1
Kyoto Kamo River 2
Tadasuno mori 1
Tadasuno mori 2
Shimogamo Jinjya Shrine 1
Shimogamo Jinjya Shrine 2
Shimogamo-jinja (Shimogamo Shrine)
Cycling in Kyoto Gyoen
Kyoto Gyoen

The Riverside Tour

Enjoy beautiful nature and World Heritage.

Are you looking for a relaxing few hours of scenic cycling away from the crowds? This tour is for you! On this half-day tour, you’ll be guided through the gardens of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, cycle in a primeval forest to see one of Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines, and ride along the peaceful Kamogawa river.

The main areas of Kyoto to explore on this cycling tour

Tour Course

  1. KCTP South of Gosho Cycle Terminal

    South of Gosho Cycle Terminal
    Meeting and departure point, located close to Kyoto Imperial Palace.

  2. Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

    Cycle through the leafy Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, home to the Imperial Palace and several other historic sites. This sprawling green space is loved by locals, who visit to enjoy the changing seasons. See cherry blossoms in spring, yellow ginkgo tree leaves in fall, and a range of flora throughout the year.

  3. Shimogamo Shrine (Shimogamo-jinja)

    Next we head to the primeval forest Tadasu no Mori, where some trees are as old as 600 years. Cycling through the woods, you'll come upon the lantern-adorned vermillion gate of Shimogamo Shrine, a World Heritage shrine dating from the 8th century. The peaceful grounds have several sub-shrines. In summer, people cool off in the clear waters of Mitarai Pond.

  4. Cycling along Kamogawa (Kamo River)

    We round off the tour with a cycle on the Kamogawa Riverside Promenade. Kamogawa is a favorite local spot for strolling and picnicking, and is great for cycling free of traffic. Look out for wild birds such as ducks, herons and black-headed gulls. Hop across the water on the Kamogawa 'stepping stones'. Take a break and enjoy a snack!

  5. KCTP South of Gosho Cycle Terminal

    Return to the South of Gosho cycle terminal, where the tour ends.

Tour Detail

Tour type
Private guided tour
Departure/End location
South of Gosho Cycle Terminal(RAKURO KYOTO THE SHARE HOTELS)
*Tours meet in the lobby of the hotel.
Departure/End time
Morning tour 9:30~12:30
Afternoon tour 14:00~17:00
Time required
About 3 hours
*Please note that traffic conditions and/or weather conditions may cause the cycling tour to finish later.
About 9 km
Price per person
9,000 yen (for 4 people or more)
10,500 yen (3 people)
13,500 yen (2 people)
23,000 yen (1 person) Solo visitors welcome!
Inclusive of
Guide fee, rental bike fee, liability and accident insurance, snack, helmets, rain gear, original cycling map
Recommended for
Beginner or nervous cyclists, families with children, garden and nature lovers
・Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear, according to the weather and temperature of the day. We recommend wearing sunglasses and using sunscreen in summer, and wearing gloves in the winter.
・For an additional charge of 500 yen per bicycle, bike rental before or after the tour is available during business hours (from 9:00 to 18:00).

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